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Most people who whish to help and improve things have to face difficulties and obstacles both inside and outside themselves. One of the objectives of the work method in preparation is to unblock our own impediments, to reveal the gifts and capacities with which we have been blessed in order to help us and help the world be a better place. When a soul finds the way to express its gift in the world, it has found its path to Light. But in many cases those gifts are blocked or remain hidden.

The aim of spiritual work is to remove the many logs, twigs and dry leaves that have fallen into the streams of our lives generating stagnant areas of conscience, it is about restoring a continuous flow of creativity in the soul. Often it is not a question of knowing more, but of discovering what we already know but lies inaccessible to our conscience, hidden or forgotten. Learning to extract this information from the unconscious is the first issue we will propose in our method. The unconscious is a keen guardian of all our goods and wrongs. We must learn to recover all that information in order to use it as a tool in our work towards conscience, full capacity, skill and the free-flowing creative process of a lucid soul.
I do not share the idea that the ego is the baddy, always trying to deceive us and lead us to do wrong, and that we must disavow and destroy it. The ego is absolutely necessary because it is the instrument of the soul to manifest itself in the physical. When the ego is properly educated and trained, when it is connected to the white soul, well treated and happily integrated in personality, it is a superior ego with light of its own. A badly educated ego, denied, wounded, cast out and ill-treated, is the indicator of a dark soul. The soul stops reflecting light when it admits and lets itself be captivated by evil, darkness, doubt or fear. In that case the ego turns destructive and sterile.
As we work on the ideas/causes of our emotions, our soul will start opening itself to learning and experiencing from light and love, the ego will integrate into that soul which will know exactly what it wants in life, how to get it, how to make it beneficial to all those implied and finally give out to the world the best of itself, without concessions.


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