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Uakix.com has asked me to share with its readers  ways in which we can work on our inner patterns of  money and abundance. We can start by looking at how to clean our negative beliefs on money so we can unblock their energy.

The whole of our inner system has been designed to keep learning and evolving throughout our lifetime.  Each time we face an issue and  find a satisfactory solution for it we are establishing a pattern in our brain  and by repeating it, it will become a habit.

With time those patterns will become automatic, they will form part of the unconscious and we will reproduce them almost without noticing.  It is that unconsciousness –when negative-  that stops us from believing, from evolving, that makes us feel prisoners of our own limiting beliefs, emotions and actions..


If we want our universe to change in some way we must  change those inner thought, emotional and behaviour patterns which are causing our physical and material manifestation.

When we talk of abundance or the lack of it we should start from a premise which is equal for all of us:  when we do not have the abundance we wish to have it is because there is a part of ourselves that does not want or know how to create it or have it. There is always a reason why we experience our lives the way we do and the clue for change is finding such reasons.


The first thing we must realise is that we are not one single person, that our system is made up of many inner characters who think, feel and act inside us, different parts who may or may not agree among themselves, who can hinder and sabotage, or help and support each other.

If you have constant problems with money, you should understand that it can be due to a conscious or unconscious decision of one of your inner patterns, you have accepted to believe in your negative circumstances, in the impossibility of changing them, and have become their victim.

Once you know that, you can change such decision as soon as you identify it, you can change your adverse circumstances and create abundance for yourself on a sound basis.

There can be a part of yourself that wants abundance and another that may be blocking it for different reasons such as family patterns, wrong beliefs, unconscious fears or blocks.  At my website http://autoevolucion.com/ you will find many ways of dismantling a bad pattern, one of them could be going through  negative beliefs on a given matter in order to eliminate blocks. Let us take for example the money pattern .



Take pencil and paper and write down anything that you feel concerns you:

  • Any belief we assume as certain (whether it is true or not) will be what we manifest in the material plane. If your truth is that you are not capable of creating abundance, keeping it, managing it or protecting it, your decisions or lack of decisions will not let you  generate it.

Re-write your beliefs:  Work on the idea that you are capable of generating abundance, that it is easy for you, that you learn to manage it and care for it,  and your mind will lead you to the best decisions to make such ideas true, you will feel inclined to study, prepare yourself, seek ideas.

Do you believe yourself capable of generating abundance or not?


  • Any negative belief on what we wish will move it away from us, and any positive belief will bring  it closer to us.

If you believe that money is “bad” because it makes people selfish or  insensitive, because you know people who have been corrupted by it, or behaved unfairly, or any other negative association, you will sabotage yourself so that you do not become any of those negative things, it will not allow your creative mind to develop giving you the necessary intuitions which would lead you to earn money.

Re-write these beliefs:  Try to believe that abundance is good because it makes you a better, more selfless  person, because it helps you to prepare yourself for life, to develop projects that will help to make a better  world, to help people, to grow and develop as an individual, and your mind will start to produce ideas on how to create it.

Do you have  negative ideas about money?


  • If you love something you will develop your capacity of attracting it, fear and doubt will block it away from you. If you are afraid of money, of responsibility, if you doubt whether you will be able to manage your abundance,  it will stay away from you, you will sabotage it, you will block it.

If you love money, if you learn to manage it, to administer it, if you feel confident about it, nothing will stop your creative mind from developing ways of making it real in your life.

Do you love money or are you afraid of it?


  • If you hate, envy or think badly of wealthy or successful people, it can block your wish to do well in life in order to avoid precisely being envied, or hated or criticized. If you stop feeling that way about  wealthy and successful people you will not block your capacities and you will not fear being rejected.

If you look for a positive model, or for positive aspects of some wealthy person you can admire, you may learn from him or her and avoid blocking those qualities in you.

What do you think of wealthy people? Work on your own answers.


  • You will never develop creative models to generate abundance, or you will lose it very easily, if being wealthy goes against your moral, religious or family beliefs, or it brings out the worst part of you or in any way puts your present relations at risk. I mean beliefs such as  ‘the poor are better people’, or ‘it is them that will go to Heaven’, or ‘ if  I  do too well I will lose my family and friends’, or ‘opportunists will take advantage of me’, or ‘how will I know who loves me for my money and material success or for myself’ … If you think that in order to make money you will have to ‘lose your soul’,  betray your highest  ideals, abuse others, excuse yourself  for the negative means you have used … you will lose it just as you got it, or guilt and shame will not allow you to enjoy it.  Make sure you are up to your own moral standards or peace shall not rule your realm, no matter how brilliant it may appear. All such beliefs are establishing that you are not capable of  managing your ‘wealthy’ pattern, that you will not be able to admit or handle that situation.

Re-write your script:  try to think that money makes you a better person, that it brings out the best of you, that it helps you grow spiritually and to improve your relationships, to act according to your ideals and help others.  Think that you will learn to have money, to tell who loves you for what you really are, that you will improve your pattern with practice and that it will make you very happy.

Do you think that your moral or  religious beliefs, your relationships with your family or friends would be at risk if you were a wealthy person?  Work on your answers.


  • Identify incompatible beliefs in your inner patterns: for instance,  wishing for abundance is incompatible with victimism, you must learn     RESPONSIBILITY. You have caused your present situation and you can create again for yourself whatever experience  you want to live. Being wealthy is not compatible  with laziness, lack of interest or sound ambition, nor  with  apathy or  lack of creativity and self-esteem.

Your new target:  If you want your experience of abundance to be a positive one, learn to handle it and manage it wisely, look for the best ways of investing it, of using  it for good causes,  to help yourself and others, to support your life mission.

To what extent is your present Self inconsistent with the Self  you want to be?  Work on your own answers.


  • If you find excuses for your limitations you will certainly have them. If you think it is better to have just enough to live on and not have to face any of the situations described above,  or have to make yourself responsible of new situations which you are not sure you will overcome successfully, that is precisely how it will be.

Your new target demands that you take responsibility for your own life, for your acts, for your determination to make a better version of yourself.  Only you can make of yourself what you want to be. Make yourself the ultimate responsible of your physical experience.


Remember, if you work on the premise that YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBLE AND CAUSE OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU, OR THAT YOU ALLOW TO HAPPEN TO YOU, your Higher Self will awake inside you and will lead you to be the responsible co-creator of your existence on this material plane.

If you want abundance and money,  you will have to reconsider every single negative belief about yourself, about what others think of you, and about the money you may have.

Take pencil and paper and start to dig into your patterns, turn over all those beliefs, imagine your ideal ‘wealthy’ pattern,  turn into it, incarnate it. Make sure you are the best wealthy person you can be, watch yourself,  don’t justify yourself in shortage, don’t speak badly of money, nor or yourself in respect of money. Money is innocent, it is what we do with it that makes the difference, and that difference is inside you, in nobody else, in your beliefs and attitudes.


In conclusion:  take a few days to complete this exercise and write down in your notebook:

1.- Your thoughts about money,  both positive and negative. Make two columns, leave the positive ones as they are, take the negative ones, turn them round and add them to the positive ones.  Don’t leave any negative ideas in your belief, remember that money in itself is neither good nor bad, it is the use we make of it and the conscience of those who use it that give it its value.

2.- Your thoughts about yourself in relation to money: Can you earn it? Do you know how to administer it? Do you waste it or do you take care of it?  Does it degrade you or does it uplift you spiritually? What can you do in order to get better results?

3.-Your thoughts about others concerning money: do you respect, or envy the wealthy, or do you try to learn the good things you see in them? Remember that if you have negative thoughts towards the wealthy your system will stop you from being one of them in order to avoid your negative thoughts about others. Try to admire what is good in what you are seeking, ignore what is negative and incorporate the ideal you set for yourself. Remember that you are you and that you decide what you want to be at each moment.

4.- What idea is your present pattern based on? Which would be the ideal one? If for instance your idea now is ‘I have just enough money to live on and that is limiting me’, you can work on the ideal ‘I find the way to create unlimited wealth’.  Or if your idea now  is ‘I hate to be dependant on money’, you can work on ‘I love everything that money can give me, it makes me independent’ … look for different ways of thinking and build new and more positive beliefs, visualize yourself in your new pattern.

5.-  Which is your ideal pattern?  What would an ideal “wealthy” person  be like for you? Describe it in detail because you are going to incorporate what you are looking for in order to attract the circumstances and opportunities that will make it appear in your life.

6.-  Build the new pattern. Imagine you  already have the economic situation you want for yourself.  How do you think you would be?  How would you think, feel, do things?  Describe it, imagine it, feel it, watch out for any fear, doubt or negative thought, work on it, turn it round, re-build it. When you have and ideal you identify with, silence yourself and send it to your Higher Self,  wait for the answers and listen to your intuitions, investigate them, get them started … consider that you will have to find the way to reach your target and create the plan that will lead you to the experience that you seek for yourself.



One last thought:

Working on your inner patterns the way we have described above does not mean that abundance and wealth will  appear in your life as if by magic, it means that

–            by getting rid of your negative ideas on abundance you will smooth the way to it,

–            you will definitely change your relationship with it and flow better with its energy,

–            you will establish a sound basis for your next step, draw a plan to build  a future of wealth for yourself, free of old conditionings.

At:   http://autoevolucion.com/

Beatriz Fernández del Castillo


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The word “empathy” comes from a Greek term that means “to feel in” or “to feel inside” oneself, as one’s own, the emotional reality of others: a quality that is a blessing for the soul.  Empathy is the capacity of standing in the other people’s shoes, of feeling, understanding, perceiving, accepting and sharing feelings and emotions with others; it is emotional intelligence in action. As with all things, this quality needs to be balanced, lack of empathy will cut us off from our surroundings, an excess of it can thin out the diffuse line that separates our emotional life from that of others to the point of losing our own identity …


Someone without empathy can be a threat for society and for himself, because he can’t feel others he may wound or ill-treat them without turning a hair.  Because they can’t perceive the suffering of others, those who lack empathy are actual emotional illiterates incapable of understanding or taking pity of their fellow men,  even less so of creating harmony in a group.


Excess of empathy can also be harmful if we reach the point where we become insensitive to our own needs and emotions to the benefit of others; it is generosity misunderstood, a personal sacrifice that can lead us to the loss of our own identity or to become victims of manipulation.  Those who have excess of empathy are no longer in contact with their own reality and no longer know if what they feel is their own emotion or somebody else’s.  They can sacrifice themselves for others to their own prejudice, putting themselves at risk or even leading to self-destruction.  Excess of empathy can be love of mankind misunderstood resulting in self-inflicted violence or self-denial.


Empathy is an important skill for the emotional and sensitive knowledge of our milieu providing us with information that enables us to make the best decisions for common good, including the capacity of blocking out non-empathic individuals who are not aware of the violence they exercise.  Empathy and the information it gives us enable us to make other people happy, to help them or heal them if that is what they need, to protect the innocent from the destructiveness of the non-empathic.


In my opinion, empathy is of vital importance because it gives us the right measure of our feelings when understanding, helping, improving, enjoying, sharing or standing by others, it helps us  protect our own emotional life without letting ourselves being run over to the extent of missing our own course.


Speaking of negative emotions, during many years I have seen in my classes people whose excess of empathy made them block themselves out as the only means to avoid the suffering resulting from other people’s pain.  They were so caught up in other people’s suffering that they became unable to help or understand others and at the same time were totally incapable of understanding or helping themselves. By cutting off their feelings to avoid suffering, they stopped feeling themselves; they tried to live and understand life only through their minds and finally reached a point where their emotional life shrank to the extent that they couldn’t make emotionally and intellectually balanced decisions any more.


If we make decisions based on ideas that seem all right and reasonable but we don’t take into consideration how they make us feel, we’re heading for failure in the long run. When we have an idea and we are well tuned with our emotions, these will give us the right feeling about the experiences that the idea will bring about for us when it is implemented. Without such emotional information we may put in practice ideas that attempt on our feelings, ideals and longings and in the end on our soul. We’re all familiar with the “this is what I wanted, now I’ve got it and still I’m not happy” sort of feeling, the typical result of a decision made with head but not tested with the heart.


Pain is an emotional sign that should be overcome and not blocked off; otherwise we risk it becoming a chronic condition generating not only much suffering but many negative patterns that will limit our personality.  Instead of living a creative life that is the source of positive experiences and happiness, the “sufferer” spends his life seeking to avoid suffering, stops loving life and all he does is oppose it or protect himself against it.


The solution is not to block oneself off but rather to learn to handle our emotions allowing ourselves to feel them, letting them offer us their message, essential for the making of decisions that will bring us benefits and happiness instead of destruction and suffering. If we don’t pay attention to our emotions in our daily decision-making, we may end up immersed in the very suffering that we are trying to avoid.


The other case is positive empathy.  Feeling the love, the enthusiasm and the joy of the other person may fill us with positive emotions, of vital importance if we try to re-create them in our own lives too. Many receive this sort of emotions, they “consume” them and enjoy them, but they do nothing creative with them.  If something positive moves you, make the most of the gift that somebody else created for you and move in that direction, generate more energy and be an inspiration for those who in their turn seek to live on and learn to generate positive energy. Seek to provide your example and creativity for others, just as somebody else did for you.  Give back to the World the blessings that the World provided for you and everything will rest in balance.


Beatriz Fernández del Castillo


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How difficult it is sometimes  to be consistent with our criticisms.  Everybody is aware that  in Spain criticism is  a national sport and because it is usually destructive,  it has become a blight to our culture.  In principle there’s nothing wrong with issuing a judgement, if somebody criticizes something it is because he believes he has better reasons than whatever or whoever he is criticising, he feels he has some information, experience or data that enable him to judge.  So far, so good.

But judgements stop being positive if the person who criticizes does not take note of his own criticism, if he is not consistent with what he is saying by applying it to himself.  Consistency is a truly difficult art, it takes us a lifetime to overcome our own contradictions, we all have to face them every day and not admitting this fact is mere self-deception.

Some people choose not to criticize, but then they’re missing a chance to learn about themselves, to discover their own projection in their judgement.  Judging something and finding out which part of our own life is in a similar situation and has the same behaviour pattern,  is one of the soundest practices for personal development.

Let’s take a few examples to show the “take note of what you’re saying” attitude.  For instance, those who say that others are doing nothing to solve some problem and do nothing in their turn to solve their own; or those who criticize abuse when they are abusing themselves or others; people who curse power but abuse it when they have a chance to do so; those who sit comfortably back and attack what others are doing, unable to overcome their own laziness or apathy.  People use justification to defend their own behaviour, so you can justify your own  faults but not other people’s?  Again, lack of consistency.

Those who criticize but don’t apply to themselves what they’re saying, do they have the right to criticize? In my opinion only consistency gives us the right to criticize, and even then it should be used constructively. This is not always possible, especially when the person who abuses has no intention to amend his ways, but there are usually constructive alternatives which we don’t see because of our projections.  Finding out about them and working on the constructive version of what we’re criticising is a truly valuable art.

The borderline between “right” and “wrong” has many aspects to be considered.  If there isn’t a sound basis for judgements everything is justifiable, even the absence of judgement,  and not applying good judgement is a major disaster for a rational mind. We always do things on the grounds of reasons we justify, if we stop judging our own reasons to act we become irrational beings with an unlimited destructive potential. Examining our conscience is a sound mental and emotional practice,  essential to any human being who seeks to be the best possible version of himself and not just a pale reflection of what he could be.

According to this point of view, of course we should judge! Always followed by a reflection on our own behavioural patterns, considering in which part of our lives we are doing the same thing that we are criticizing, taking note of what we say and  taking action in order to change what surrounds us. Or, in other words, change our inner world so we can learn to change the outer world towards a true, consistent excellence. If we don’t do something to change things, if don’t use constructive criticism, what we’re exercising is the cowardice of not being able to judge ourselves in our faults and amend ourselves.

Criticism is destructive if it is not accompanied by the will to act in consequence. But it is indispensable and constructive if it is done with the intention to improve oneself and improve things, our surroundings, society, the planet. The sky is the limit for those who use good judgement creatively in their own benefit and in the benefit of others.

Beatriz Fernández del Castillo




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I have recently visited a dear friend who has just had a baby. We talked about the wonderful and undeniably deep change of role that has come about in her life as a result of her motherhood, and we also discussed the need to find a life mission through one’s work, through whichever task or activity we carry out in society.

There are different levels of involvement in life.

– On a first level we find those who are seeking to cover only their basic needs such as food, drink, entertainment, consumption, relationships … and not much more. Normally they don’t contribute much to society and they benefit more from society than they generate. They show a lack of respect for other people’s work and disregard the  basic standards of life in common, (they don’t recycle, they pester neighbours, they’re disrespectful towards teachers and seniors …) because they only think of  their own benefit and not of benefiting others. They  misuse all the goods they are given,  including their own life and health, they are the people who tend to demand from society more than they are ready contribute.

The second level includes people involved in improving only their own private lives: a better house, better relationships, a better job that will give them a better status, better physical appearance and better health: happiness through material and emotional issues.  They work to cover their own needs and at the most those of the company they work for, after all they’re getting paid for it, but that’s it.  These people don’t think of  common good or common interests, only of their own. They can misuse, neglect or squander the goods and services at their disposal, whether by ignorance or carelessness.  Some are well-meaning and try to find solutions that will help them advance in their personal satisfaction, and that can make them feel they want to progress.

– On a third level we find people who understand helping  themselves and helping others, who  contribute the best of themselves to society, who  try to do their bit not only for their own wellbeing but also for that of other people who may need their help, their intelligence or their solutions.  They find a new dimension in their work realising they  can give a new meaning to their activity beyond their own benefit, they contribute their creativity as an added value in everything they do. In this level individuals transcend the family and  think of changing and improving the society in which they live.

A good example would be this place in Madrid where they make the most incredible cakes .  I buy there every now and then and because the quality is so exceptional I once asked the baker and owner of the shop why he had decided to start precisely that business. He answered that knowing he was good at making cakes he had decided to make people happy by sweetening their lives. And indeed he does!  He put his gift at the service of other people’s happiness: that’s what I call a higher motivation that gives sense to an activity, whichever it may be. It’s not just working for money, it is finding a reward in making other people happy with  whatever it is that you’re good at, using a natural gift, in this case that of making those wonderful cakes.  A simple activity suddenly becomes an accomplished mission.

In this third level work has a different meaning, some people feel that their activity transcends, that it has an actual repercussion on other people’s lives, it makes them better, there is a purpose,  that of improving what there is.

–  The fourth level, the least practiced, includes individuals with a vocation for service, those who see the world as a whole, as a higher spiritual plan where we are all called to contribute. What’s important in this level, apart from “my” personal and immediate family plan, is to contribute to THE  GENERAL PLAN with the best we have, the gift we were given at birth, the capacities and skills that one loves.

In this level the soul is always involved, it’s not just the personality that sets the targets any more, it’s the soul that seeks good from the deepest of human being, guiding him or her by means of signs, happy encounters, sinchronicity and  magic. At this level it is not just personal pleasure that counts, but general wellbeing.

We all have a gift, those who don’t  use it, who don’t develop it, who don’t care for it or improve it, those who don’t put it to the service of mankind,  finally lose it, thus missing  the intimate joy of the service rendered to mankind. In this level people think in terms of improving the world using the best they have received, their personal gift.  Through his activity, the individual’s purpose is to change not only his family and society, but the world, improving it where he can, even in the smallest things; added to others with the same purpose, the changes are significant. And they do so in spite of negative people, those who couldn’t care less, who think only of themselves and those in levels 1 and 2 who find it so hard to believe that their help is also necessary.

In this level one doesn’t think  in terms only of one’s own and other people’s interest,  it is about seeking to improve, to contribute one’s creativity to the wellbeing of those who will come after us, to one’s country, to the continent, to the whole world, the planet that welcomes us, to nature, to animals, to the wellbeing of everything alive. In this level are those who love this planet, those who love, respect and care for life and nature, who seek to benefit and preserve it, not just use it and waste it.

In the fourth level are those who work to form coming generations, those who research for the future, those who undertake projects they will probably not see completed because they have been conceived for the long term, those who seek to create a new and better concept of living, those who prevent, who create solutions and at the same time live and care for their environment.   Whether they are believers or not, their viewpoint is to elevate and spiritualize their experience in the material plane.

Believe me, one only has to set a higher intention in one’s mind to start out on a new adventure and find a new concept of happiness, that of the souls involved not only in personal evolution and happiness, but also in the evolution and happiness of what we call mankind of which we are all part. The mind gives us the ideas appropriate to our intention, if we rise our intention we channel a higher energy.

Some other day we will talk about intention, it seems this text is asking for it … in the meantime, take good care of yourselves.

Beatriz Fernández del Castillo


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Most people who whish to help and improve things have to face difficulties and obstacles both inside and outside themselves. One of the objectives of the work method in preparation is to unblock our own impediments, to reveal the gifts and capacities with which we have been blessed in order to help us and help the world be a better place. When a soul finds the way to express its gift in the world, it has found its path to Light. But in many cases those gifts are blocked or remain hidden.

The aim of spiritual work is to remove the many logs, twigs and dry leaves that have fallen into the streams of our lives generating stagnant areas of conscience, it is about restoring a continuous flow of creativity in the soul. Often it is not a question of knowing more, but of discovering what we already know but lies inaccessible to our conscience, hidden or forgotten. Learning to extract this information from the unconscious is the first issue we will propose in our method. The unconscious is a keen guardian of all our goods and wrongs. We must learn to recover all that information in order to use it as a tool in our work towards conscience, full capacity, skill and the free-flowing creative process of a lucid soul.
I do not share the idea that the ego is the baddy, always trying to deceive us and lead us to do wrong, and that we must disavow and destroy it. The ego is absolutely necessary because it is the instrument of the soul to manifest itself in the physical. When the ego is properly educated and trained, when it is connected to the white soul, well treated and happily integrated in personality, it is a superior ego with light of its own. A badly educated ego, denied, wounded, cast out and ill-treated, is the indicator of a dark soul. The soul stops reflecting light when it admits and lets itself be captivated by evil, darkness, doubt or fear. In that case the ego turns destructive and sterile.
As we work on the ideas/causes of our emotions, our soul will start opening itself to learning and experiencing from light and love, the ego will integrate into that soul which will know exactly what it wants in life, how to get it, how to make it beneficial to all those implied and finally give out to the world the best of itself, without concessions.

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