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Uakix.com has asked me to share with its readers  ways in which we can work on our inner patterns of  money and abundance. We can start by looking at how to clean our negative beliefs on money so we can unblock their energy.

The whole of our inner system has been designed to keep learning and evolving throughout our lifetime.  Each time we face an issue and  find a satisfactory solution for it we are establishing a pattern in our brain  and by repeating it, it will become a habit.

With time those patterns will become automatic, they will form part of the unconscious and we will reproduce them almost without noticing.  It is that unconsciousness –when negative-  that stops us from believing, from evolving, that makes us feel prisoners of our own limiting beliefs, emotions and actions..


If we want our universe to change in some way we must  change those inner thought, emotional and behaviour patterns which are causing our physical and material manifestation.

When we talk of abundance or the lack of it we should start from a premise which is equal for all of us:  when we do not have the abundance we wish to have it is because there is a part of ourselves that does not want or know how to create it or have it. There is always a reason why we experience our lives the way we do and the clue for change is finding such reasons.


The first thing we must realise is that we are not one single person, that our system is made up of many inner characters who think, feel and act inside us, different parts who may or may not agree among themselves, who can hinder and sabotage, or help and support each other.

If you have constant problems with money, you should understand that it can be due to a conscious or unconscious decision of one of your inner patterns, you have accepted to believe in your negative circumstances, in the impossibility of changing them, and have become their victim.

Once you know that, you can change such decision as soon as you identify it, you can change your adverse circumstances and create abundance for yourself on a sound basis.

There can be a part of yourself that wants abundance and another that may be blocking it for different reasons such as family patterns, wrong beliefs, unconscious fears or blocks.  At my website http://autoevolucion.com/ you will find many ways of dismantling a bad pattern, one of them could be going through  negative beliefs on a given matter in order to eliminate blocks. Let us take for example the money pattern .



Take pencil and paper and write down anything that you feel concerns you:

  • Any belief we assume as certain (whether it is true or not) will be what we manifest in the material plane. If your truth is that you are not capable of creating abundance, keeping it, managing it or protecting it, your decisions or lack of decisions will not let you  generate it.

Re-write your beliefs:  Work on the idea that you are capable of generating abundance, that it is easy for you, that you learn to manage it and care for it,  and your mind will lead you to the best decisions to make such ideas true, you will feel inclined to study, prepare yourself, seek ideas.

Do you believe yourself capable of generating abundance or not?


  • Any negative belief on what we wish will move it away from us, and any positive belief will bring  it closer to us.

If you believe that money is “bad” because it makes people selfish or  insensitive, because you know people who have been corrupted by it, or behaved unfairly, or any other negative association, you will sabotage yourself so that you do not become any of those negative things, it will not allow your creative mind to develop giving you the necessary intuitions which would lead you to earn money.

Re-write these beliefs:  Try to believe that abundance is good because it makes you a better, more selfless  person, because it helps you to prepare yourself for life, to develop projects that will help to make a better  world, to help people, to grow and develop as an individual, and your mind will start to produce ideas on how to create it.

Do you have  negative ideas about money?


  • If you love something you will develop your capacity of attracting it, fear and doubt will block it away from you. If you are afraid of money, of responsibility, if you doubt whether you will be able to manage your abundance,  it will stay away from you, you will sabotage it, you will block it.

If you love money, if you learn to manage it, to administer it, if you feel confident about it, nothing will stop your creative mind from developing ways of making it real in your life.

Do you love money or are you afraid of it?


  • If you hate, envy or think badly of wealthy or successful people, it can block your wish to do well in life in order to avoid precisely being envied, or hated or criticized. If you stop feeling that way about  wealthy and successful people you will not block your capacities and you will not fear being rejected.

If you look for a positive model, or for positive aspects of some wealthy person you can admire, you may learn from him or her and avoid blocking those qualities in you.

What do you think of wealthy people? Work on your own answers.


  • You will never develop creative models to generate abundance, or you will lose it very easily, if being wealthy goes against your moral, religious or family beliefs, or it brings out the worst part of you or in any way puts your present relations at risk. I mean beliefs such as  ‘the poor are better people’, or ‘it is them that will go to Heaven’, or ‘ if  I  do too well I will lose my family and friends’, or ‘opportunists will take advantage of me’, or ‘how will I know who loves me for my money and material success or for myself’ … If you think that in order to make money you will have to ‘lose your soul’,  betray your highest  ideals, abuse others, excuse yourself  for the negative means you have used … you will lose it just as you got it, or guilt and shame will not allow you to enjoy it.  Make sure you are up to your own moral standards or peace shall not rule your realm, no matter how brilliant it may appear. All such beliefs are establishing that you are not capable of  managing your ‘wealthy’ pattern, that you will not be able to admit or handle that situation.

Re-write your script:  try to think that money makes you a better person, that it brings out the best of you, that it helps you grow spiritually and to improve your relationships, to act according to your ideals and help others.  Think that you will learn to have money, to tell who loves you for what you really are, that you will improve your pattern with practice and that it will make you very happy.

Do you think that your moral or  religious beliefs, your relationships with your family or friends would be at risk if you were a wealthy person?  Work on your answers.


  • Identify incompatible beliefs in your inner patterns: for instance,  wishing for abundance is incompatible with victimism, you must learn     RESPONSIBILITY. You have caused your present situation and you can create again for yourself whatever experience  you want to live. Being wealthy is not compatible  with laziness, lack of interest or sound ambition, nor  with  apathy or  lack of creativity and self-esteem.

Your new target:  If you want your experience of abundance to be a positive one, learn to handle it and manage it wisely, look for the best ways of investing it, of using  it for good causes,  to help yourself and others, to support your life mission.

To what extent is your present Self inconsistent with the Self  you want to be?  Work on your own answers.


  • If you find excuses for your limitations you will certainly have them. If you think it is better to have just enough to live on and not have to face any of the situations described above,  or have to make yourself responsible of new situations which you are not sure you will overcome successfully, that is precisely how it will be.

Your new target demands that you take responsibility for your own life, for your acts, for your determination to make a better version of yourself.  Only you can make of yourself what you want to be. Make yourself the ultimate responsible of your physical experience.


Remember, if you work on the premise that YOU ARE THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBLE AND CAUSE OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOU, OR THAT YOU ALLOW TO HAPPEN TO YOU, your Higher Self will awake inside you and will lead you to be the responsible co-creator of your existence on this material plane.

If you want abundance and money,  you will have to reconsider every single negative belief about yourself, about what others think of you, and about the money you may have.

Take pencil and paper and start to dig into your patterns, turn over all those beliefs, imagine your ideal ‘wealthy’ pattern,  turn into it, incarnate it. Make sure you are the best wealthy person you can be, watch yourself,  don’t justify yourself in shortage, don’t speak badly of money, nor or yourself in respect of money. Money is innocent, it is what we do with it that makes the difference, and that difference is inside you, in nobody else, in your beliefs and attitudes.


In conclusion:  take a few days to complete this exercise and write down in your notebook:

1.- Your thoughts about money,  both positive and negative. Make two columns, leave the positive ones as they are, take the negative ones, turn them round and add them to the positive ones.  Don’t leave any negative ideas in your belief, remember that money in itself is neither good nor bad, it is the use we make of it and the conscience of those who use it that give it its value.

2.- Your thoughts about yourself in relation to money: Can you earn it? Do you know how to administer it? Do you waste it or do you take care of it?  Does it degrade you or does it uplift you spiritually? What can you do in order to get better results?

3.-Your thoughts about others concerning money: do you respect, or envy the wealthy, or do you try to learn the good things you see in them? Remember that if you have negative thoughts towards the wealthy your system will stop you from being one of them in order to avoid your negative thoughts about others. Try to admire what is good in what you are seeking, ignore what is negative and incorporate the ideal you set for yourself. Remember that you are you and that you decide what you want to be at each moment.

4.- What idea is your present pattern based on? Which would be the ideal one? If for instance your idea now is ‘I have just enough money to live on and that is limiting me’, you can work on the ideal ‘I find the way to create unlimited wealth’.  Or if your idea now  is ‘I hate to be dependant on money’, you can work on ‘I love everything that money can give me, it makes me independent’ … look for different ways of thinking and build new and more positive beliefs, visualize yourself in your new pattern.

5.-  Which is your ideal pattern?  What would an ideal “wealthy” person  be like for you? Describe it in detail because you are going to incorporate what you are looking for in order to attract the circumstances and opportunities that will make it appear in your life.

6.-  Build the new pattern. Imagine you  already have the economic situation you want for yourself.  How do you think you would be?  How would you think, feel, do things?  Describe it, imagine it, feel it, watch out for any fear, doubt or negative thought, work on it, turn it round, re-build it. When you have and ideal you identify with, silence yourself and send it to your Higher Self,  wait for the answers and listen to your intuitions, investigate them, get them started … consider that you will have to find the way to reach your target and create the plan that will lead you to the experience that you seek for yourself.



One last thought:

Working on your inner patterns the way we have described above does not mean that abundance and wealth will  appear in your life as if by magic, it means that

–            by getting rid of your negative ideas on abundance you will smooth the way to it,

–            you will definitely change your relationship with it and flow better with its energy,

–            you will establish a sound basis for your next step, draw a plan to build  a future of wealth for yourself, free of old conditionings.

At:   http://autoevolucion.com/

Beatriz Fernández del Castillo


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This week-end a much appreciated doggy friend (her dog and mine hang out in the same circles) and I were discussing the meaning of HELP. We were talking about energetic “vampirism”, the person who asks for help, who receives it, who enjoys getting it, but can’t or won’t to reciprocate,   keeps asking for  more without contributing,  like a bottomless pit.

I was saying how important it is to know how to give help those who make good use of it, who put it in practice, who are grateful for it, in short, who deserve it. My friend’s question was then, “What about altruism?”… and her question sparked off this blog entry. Every moment is an opportunity to improve our thinking…

Understanding altruism:

Case 1: THE HELPER helps the HELPED. This person, in turn, full of gratitude and appreciation, will learn to help himself and becomes the helper of the next person to receive help.

The help of the first helper will reach thousands, appreciation will  encourage him to continue helping, those who have been helped will help in turn, energy flows.  In this case the HELPER is aware that it is oneself that one should help in the first place, keep well in order  to help others. And the person who has been helped experiences the joy of giving and returning.

Result  = ABUNDANCE, everybody wins.

Altruism misunderstood:

Case 2: The HELPER helps the HELPED. This person  takes advantage of the help he receives but doesn’t learn  to help others or help himself, he doesn’t put this help into practice, he doesn’t help himself or the next person who needs help, and yet he keeps asking for help until he leaves the helper drained and exhausted (which is often the case with kind-hearted souls)

Help is wasted on  souls who are not aware that we are here to make energy flow,  not to waste it. The helped person in this case normally does not  acknowledge the effort of the  helper who,  in turn, does not feel encouraged to help any further (some helpers, thank God, no longer need this recognition, but they do deserve it). Such “bottomless pits” block the source of help by drying it up and leaving it incapable of helping others, and if on top of this they don’t use adequately the help they have received, the energy stops flowing  and is blocked.

Result = SHORTAGE.  Only a few people win, and because they don’t know how to keep what has been won, in the end it is lost… and we wonder why the world is the way it is. The person who receives should give back what he can, because even those who are most in need always have  something to give back (work, attention, company, recognition) , and those who have more  can lack in something. The person that doesn’t give doesn’t do so because he doesn’t want to, with few exceptions.  True altruism is knowing how to keep the balance, otherwise it is energetic “vampirism”, misuse of energy, the typical cheeky opportunist or, as my mother used to say, a bloodsucker.

Responsible parents know that, before adolescence, much before I would say, kids should assume their duty to give back to  society part of what they have received, and those who don’t know that is because their parents haven’t taught them to do so. The same applies to the helper who is exhausted  and “vampirized”: he must learn to take better care of his energy, of his own source, and  not give away what he doesn’t have.

You may ask, for example, what about the elderly  who can no longer give? This statement is untrue. The elderly can give gratitude, wisdom, experience. They have spent their lives helping the generations behind them, those same generations who should know how to thank them and reciprocate with the same care.

What about the people in Africa? Anyone who has ever been to Africa will tell you that they have come back with far more than they went; new spiritual gifts in exchange for material ones….

One’s personal energy should be taken care of, should be balanced out continuously. Mother nature gives us a true example of giving and receiving. Unconditional love exists in reference to maternity at a very young age, but when the receiver starts to become aware, automatically the receptor must become a giver to balance out their “energy bill”.

When I watch Supernanny, TV’s wise fixing-mediator, doing  magic with the almost single formula of establishing reasonable rules, giving tasks and responsibilities, I feel she deserves the best. That really is what setting an example is all about… and everything else is just half measures.

Except in extreme cases, such as disability, handicap or illness, people who don’t  contribute to the community with their gifts, who  burden others with responsibilities that don’t concern them, …  do they really deserve to be helped or supported? Everyone has something to contribute.

GOOD HELP SHOULD BE MUTUAL, the other type of help, the one that does not reciprocate, in the long run is a source of disagreements, frustrations, reproaches and negative energy. The recognition of the source of help and the contribution of ones gifts to those who need them, who value them and make a good responsible use of them, will transform  and improve us  until we become the channel of a never ending stream of energy-in-action. That is true abundance and the true understanding of altruism, and not the other stuff.


Beatriz Fernández del Castillo


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