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A brand new friend  was asking me the other day: so you really believe that there’s no such thing as chance? A good question that calls for a close look at some of the Laws of the Universe.

For the past 12 years I’ve been teaching people to interpret their dreams, the signs in their everyday life, their patterns that keep repeating  themselves, so I’ve had the opportunity to study hundreds, if not thousands of so-called chances.

My dictionary says that chance is “the occurrence of events without an obvious cause, planning or warning”, whereas causality is  the “operation or relation of cause and effect”.

When we say that something has happened “by chance” we  normally refer to a fortuitous event, something that has happened by accident. However, the way I see things,  that is not possible in the Universe, where the Laws of “Cause and Effect” and of “Attraction”, together with “Synchronicity”, rule our transit through this planet. Unless we consider the interaction between these three elements, we will not understand why things happen the way they do.

Believing that everything happens by chance is not only boring, but inaccurate.  I am more inclined to think  -and it seems that science supports the idea-  that there is an order in the  Universe, that it holds a mystery and that our challenge is to learn how to interpret,  study  and control it, something like developing our capacity to be co-creators in a system which allows us to do so.  It was not in vain that Jesus said that we were gods, or at least we have the potential, I doubt he was being light-hearted, it wasn’t his style.

What we call chance is nothing more than the conjunction at a same point and time of causes of equal nature or vibration that in accordance with the law of attraction produce effects that are often reciprocal. This is by no means a new idea, there’s a whole series of sayings that support it: “birds of a feather flock together”, “he who seeks,  shall find”, “what goes around, comes around”, “he who sows, reaps” … they all refer to some cause, even if far-off, which finally materializes in  an effect. Unless we look for the cause, the effects can seem a matter of chance, but that’s not what they are in most cases, they are the effect of a cause.

Chance can turn, and in fact turns, into the perfect excuse to elude the responsibility of being the cause of something  we don’t like. By accepting chance we avoid having to work on and accept that there’s something we may have thought, felt or done that may have been the cause of that unwanted effect.

Sometimes common causes are generated, or by an individual or individuals, and others use them as their own particular cause, thus generating effects that in turn become different causes.  If, for example, two people want to find love and they both use the same chatroom on the internet  -which has been caused by others-  they will end up finding each other.  But from the beginning they both had the same intention, and that common intention led them to come across each other, their minds led them to make decisions depending on their objective.  Sometimes the intention is not a common one, but each person finds in the other one precisely what he/she was looking for, what he/she needed in order to learn and to advance.  What one of them offers is what the other was looking for, and vice versa. But it is always important to know how to interpret signs correctly.

It is also important to remember that causes generated by a person or a group of people may give place to collective effects which can be difficult to measure.  And even then those effects will be experienced differently according to each individual.

The mind in searching mode is an infallible engine that drives the creative forces of the Universe.  The aim or intention of such a search will determine its effect, which will not be the same (continuing with the previous example) if someone is looking for true love than if they don’t specify what kind of love they are looking for and they find a love that will reflect the love that they have for themselves. If they are incapable of loving themselves, they will find someone who will not know how to love them, and they will not understand why they attract that sort of person … but the cause was there. On the other hand, someone willing to learn will know how to look for someone with his own concerns and together they will learn to love each other … or not.

If someone is desperately searching for  truth and they send out that wish to the Universe, the Universe –apparently by means of some so-called chance-  will send back its truth which may have very little to do with what  we had  imagined, but it will always be the real one, the truth that supports itself in our unconscious.  Our consciousness can have a certain image of ourselves, but it is our unconscious that has the real one and it is from our unconscious that we attract our physical manifestations. That is to say,  we find our own cause reflected in the other person, even if the cause is an unconscious one, and in that mirror we can see ourselves and work on ourselves. It is what we call  projection.

If one wishes to join the magical dance of synchronicity, where what we live  internally and the events that take place outside us coincide, we must adopt a different pattern the one where we accept that it is the Universe that causes our reality. If we believe that the Universe guides us to our best, we will have to learn to read its instructions while working on the best intentions on our part. If we decide to take part and  be co-creators with the Universe we will have to work with it instead of ignoring it.  For example, it is not the same to pretend to take advantage of our planet in our own benefit,  than to seek the planet’s wellbeing too, the mutual benefit . The Universe will help projects with that intention to come true.

Many “chances” support the pattern of “every wrong results in some good” (Literally in Spanish: “no hay mal que por bien no venga”. In English: “every cloud has a silver lining”.).  But I suggest we consider an even better way of attracting good, and that is stating that “EVERY GOOD RESULTS IN ANOTHER GOOD”. Messages from the Universe never come suddenly, there are warnings, signs, clues which we should pay attention to.  We can learn, decide, flow with our decisions, willingly allowing the Universe to guide us.  If we trust in its goodness and  infallibility we will arrive to a state of magical synchronicity that will guide us down the correct path: follow the clues that flow, let go of or reprogram what is blocked. When something doesn’t flow we must work more on it, look for different ways, check our intentions, make sure there aren’t any negative patterns working against us, look for information that will ratify our positive intention.

Advancing in this way implies paying attention to intuition, following the signs that show us the way. When we go over ideas in our head looking for the solution to some problem, we are avoiding a very useful help in difficult moments: intuition, that whispering and unerring inner voice that is always bound to  calm emotions.

And finally, once we are in synchronicity, once we learn to flow with the Universe while shaping with our intentions our physical manifestations, it is important to understand that what the Universe supports is the soul’s evolution and that in order to support that we must train our ego to be at its service.

The Universe will not give us what our uneducated ego thinks we want, it will give us what we really need, what our soul demands to make us grow as individuals. Our job is to seek that growth through good and pleasant experiences, setting ourselves constructive challenges, following our true values and intuitions. But if we wish to grow, advance, develop and be happy and we don’t set ourselves challenges, then circumstances will oblige us to do so.

If what we have been sending out to the Universe are negative ideas and energies, we had better challenge ourselves, educate ourselves through our personal work instead of waiting for the Universe to give back to us –in accordance with the Law of Cause and Effect- all the negativity we have been dumping into it.

When we send out positive ideas and energies, the signs that we receive show us the path we must follow, helping us to navigate so we can overcome the duality, the causes and effects that have nothing to do with us, the turmoil of the strife between bad and good that exists in our system, reaching a flawless unity between  our inner and our outer realities, the state of grace we call synchronicity that gives so much happiness to those who experience it.

Beatriz Fernández  del Castillo





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