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The text below is the translation into English of an interview appeared in this month’s issue of Uakix digital magazine.


I hope you all enjoy it.


Beatrice Pieper: Would you like  tea or coffee?

Beatriz Castillo: Coffee would be nice, thank you

B.P: Good … I would like to look a little further into the meaning of dreams. I’m sure everybody believes by now that they have some purpose, that they are at least messages from our unconscious …  I think we already know or imagine something like that …but I would like to go a little further … my question is, why do you think it is important to work with our dreams?

B.C.: Our mind is the great unknown. We know in fact that it’s tool, our brain, is only used to a five or ten percent of its capacity.

Compared to our conscious mind, the unconscious mind has a huge capacity to assess our surroundings and store information, which means we overlook more than 90 percent of the information we are exposed to.  Easy to say, but that’s how it is.

All this information  is not lost, it is stored and it only comes out in certain cases, for instance through our intuition when we are awake and, of course, through our dreams while we sleep. The conscious mind does not control any of these two processes unless it has been trained to do so.  The first question is obvious, which part of ourselves is in charge of our unconscious  processes?  It is what I call the Higher Self …

In the case of our intuition, the unconscious mind receives the information, it assesses and processes it and sends  to the conscious mind an emotional signal or a perfect idea for that moment, and the conscious mind won’t have a clue as to how this idea or feeling has come about.  A well-trained ego should accept and test the efficiency of the intuition carrying out the idea, it should keep such processes open and keep training itself; otherwise intuition will  dim and fade out.  What is not exercised, is lost.

As well as assessing the thoughts, emotions and actions of our wakeful life, dreams also serve the purpose of bringing out and making conscious all that information which the mind captured unconsciously and which we need in order to make the right decisions for our own benefit and that of our environment.

While we are awake we use our rational mind much more, we are determined by our learnt and established patterns, and it is these patterns that prevent us sometimes from seeing reality, they filter the information and they make us see the world the way we are, and not the way it is. That is why two different people can have two different views of the same event, depending on the filter they have used to interpret it.  All these patterns that constitute our personality are what we call ego, the part of us with which we identify ourselves.

What dreams can give us is the point of view of our Higher Self which dwells in our unconscious, the One that DOES HAVE access to the stored information.  During our sleep the conscious mind cannot interfere in the mental processes of the unconscious.  If we learn to decipher its language, which is symbolic, and we make conscious all that material, we will receive the information with such richness of nuances that it will help us  make the right decisions,  flow with the Universe,  understand its signs and  access experiences that would  otherwise be banned from us because we cannot access the necessary information. We can’t fool ourselves in dreams, what we see in them is what there is, the reflection of our inner patterns.

Through dreams we can access our soul, the great unknown, we can get to know ourselves better, our forgotten capacities, the mission our soul set itself before it arrived, the gifts we can offer the world,  or the tools we can use to learn how to make ourselves and others happy.  That is the great purpose of dreams: they offer us access to our totality.

B.P.: Fascinating … and how do we reach that information?

B.C: When we want to talk to somebody in real life we simply call him -intention, action and reaction- and the person answers. It’s the same  with our unconscious, we have to “call” it somehow and “ask” it for the information we want. In the old days they called this “incubating a dream”. They went up to the temple of the god relevant to their question and they channelled the answers in their dreams. The exercise I propose is simpler and it has to do with thinking that we have that Higher Self that knows what we need and will provide us with it through our dreams and the signs in everyday life.

The first time I tried asking in this way I did it just to try, I never thought I would get an answer. I imagined a decision I had to make the next day, I visualized what I had to do, I sent the question to my unconscious just before I went to sleep and visualized how I would wake up the next morning with the right answer, the ideal decision for me to make at that moment.

The result was a totally different point of view. In fact, the dream led me to think that the person in whom I had placed all my trust was not exactly trustworthy … So the next day I started to make enquiries to see if my dream had given me the right information. It took me two days to learn that this person usually didn’t keep his promises because of his lack of self-confidence.  My mind had probably registered certain nuances in his voice, in his body language, things he said that showed a negative pattern, signs that were clear for my inner Self but had passed unnoticed to me at the time.  It was like having a wise assistant registering everything I didn’t get.

I’ve been making my decisions this way for years and teaching my students how to do it, and the truth is that intuition can develop to an incredible extent. Both dreams and signs in everyday life appear like  lighthouses in the fog, showing us the way and helping us to flow. Doing things this way increases synchronicity exponentially. The interpretation of those signs is the task we should undertake and work at in order to reach a conclusion efficiently for the ideal decision for our soul. A positive side-effect I found in working with my Higher Self was that by paying attention through my dreams to the formation of those signs that I couldn’t capture at first sight before, I became increasingly aware of them and received them faster and better. People who learn these techniques increase their self-confidence in their decisions.

B.P.: Good … we’ll have to “incubate” more often   ..but what’s the connection between dreams and the signs in “real” life?

B.C.: They are both projections of our unconscious mind. You think something,  and whether your are conscious of it or not, you attract and feel attracted by  the people, situations and matter that ratify your thoughts. You live your projection and after you see the effect it causes you have two options, either you change and improve the idea, which leads you to a new experience, or you continue with it and you re-live the same experience again and again. That’s the cycle, that’s how it works. If you have positive thoughts you cause good effects and you live good experiences. If they are negative you live bad experiences.

People who don’t change live the same effects of their causes over and over , which can be positive or negative. If it is a negative or unbalanced person the projections will be negative, unpleasant experiences in real life, pain, doubts, fear and uncertainty. In dreams, such projections are images that cause uneasiness, they show negative ideas of ourselves, of others and of life so that we may see the contents of our mind and work on them. In real life such patterns become negative projections, unpleasant experiences that we don’t know how to change … For instance, someone who keeps stumbling again and again.  It is a negative projection: he lives over and over the idea that he is clumsy. That doesn’t mean that he is clumsy, it means that he thinks he’s clumsy and his body obeys him, which is quite different.

These negative projections of our mind are not what I call signs of the Universe, although they can be considered calls, warnings that we are not acting in accordance with the Laws of Nature. What I call signs have to do with knowledge dreams, when projections are not negative but positive and they show us the way to follow, some direction or help. It happens when we incubate, when we ask our unconscious mind (which answers with dreams) or the Universe (which answers with signs) to guide us, to send us a sign of what we need at this moment, to enlighten us.

Let me give you an example. If I go to the theatre and I decide in advance that I want to  take a taxi I will only see taxis when I go out, my mind will be looking for green lights and will focus only on green lights in motion.  But if when I go out I decide that I will find the best way to get to the theatre my mind will not be so busy looking for taxis, it will be open to other possibilities and it can make me see that there is a traffic jam, that cars are stuck, that there is some event, a football match maybe, or it is Saturday evening, and it suggests I use the underground even if it means changing my shoes to walk more comfortably …

I may even notice that a neighbor is coming out of his house at that moment and is going in the same direction, or  an idea suddenly occurs to me a couple of hours earlier to make sure I arrive on time. It may seem silly, but the fixed idea of going in a taxi  will concentrate my thoughts only on that,  I have not specified that I want to arrive on time. A firm but open intention will make me more flexible and creative.

The decision of finding the best way of getting there includes the  happy end, it allows my mind to open its scope and receive more information, it will surely deliver ideas that confirm that pattern and synchronicity will help me get what I want. It is what I call having a clear intention and at the same time letting the Universe guide you to the option that is best at that moment, which may not be the same one  the next day nor be the one you had imagined to begin with. There’s a saying about this, “man proposes, God disposes”. Working on signs is making sure that God is on your side and is helping you in your proposal, that you do all you can but in the end it turns out his way, simply because you don’t have all the information and the Universe does.

Many people don’t understand why it so hard to make changes, and in most cases it is because they have closed, established patterns of thought, feeling and action that they keep repeating, when the ideal is to have an established basis of values and the capacity to adapt oneself to circumstances without losing the original light of the highest objective. Dreams and projections show us things as they are so that we can work on them and turn them into the cause of the effect we wish.

Working with dreams and signs in everyday life brings us closer to the true aim of our soul, and helps us educate our ego so that it may serve our soul and not the other way round.
B.P.: Wow! Working on our dreams and signs does sound interesting … So dreams and signs are messages from our unconscious –which actually seems more conscious than what we call the conscious mind .. . But are there other messages we can receive in our dreams and/or perhaps by means of signs too? Could they be messages from higher beings? Is it possible to reach these beings by such means?

B.C.: Yes, I believe it is possible.  But I must also say that some of them are probably not dreams as such, but experiences in the astral plane.  Without going into much detail, such experiences can be remembered as dreams or experienced as astral trips, depending on how much conscience the dreamer can carry to the astral plane.

In the second case the experience is an entirely different one, it is not remembered as a dream but as an actual trip … The difference is something like watching a film where we see images (dream) or actually take part in it immersed in the set (trip), not forgetting that the astral is not a dense plane and it is not ruled by the same laws and the physical plane. This type of experiences tend to produce a series of sensations that are intense by nature and difficult to describe, they don’t feel at all like a normal dream, nor do the messages.

B.P.: Just one more thing, is there an intelligence in the unconscious? What I mean is, depending on the emotional, social etc. intelligence of the dreamer, he/she will store the information in the unconscious differently  … am I right?

B. C.: The unconscious we are talking about generates mental processes and the subsequent automatic impulses based on memories, past experiences, education, and there is a subconscious mind that makes decisions and acts almost instinctively based on such programming. That is why it is so important to know what there is recorded in the unconscious, what it is that moves us to act, because what we call an instinctive response is only a response to a reason or emotion programmed in the unconscious, something  learnt.

Much of that programming is false, wrong or outdated, but it still rules our acts simply because being programmed from the unconscious it drives us to act automatically. Once an attitude or response to an event did us good we record it that way,  but that supposed good in the short term can turn dangerous in the long term (such is the case with addictions), or the circumstances and the people involved may have changed, but our unconscious will tend to respond always in the same way in order to solve the same situation or similar ones. It is extremely difficult for the unconscious mind to change an impulse unless it finds a better reason to do so, or some strong emotional experience that contradicts and reprograms what it has programmed. That is why it is so difficult in most cases to change habits. It will be necessary to find the reason why the unconscious recorded that impulse and then reprogram it. I teach my students to find  their existing programming first so that they may change things in accordance with whichever specific programming they may have. Some reprogramming of the unconscious based on ego patterns can be made directly simply by using common sense.

Something different is what I call the Creative Mind that channels flashes of light and genius and provides the conscious mind with the perfect answer at the perfect moment.  Again, it is something that can happen to people who have looked for days,  sometimes months, for an answer to some question, like scientists; all that previous work acts as an incubation, or sometimes –provided your mind is open to receiving- you  receive directly the light of an original idea. One second before it wasn’t there, one second later you know it, and in the middle of both neither your intellect nor your experience have anything to do with the finding. Where did the idea come from? That’s the intelligence of  the unconscious of the educated mind, it can capture it  from some source.

The uneducated mind, full of noise and  negative associations, which keeps repeating attitudes it defends –even indefensible ones- can hardly be receptive to the light of the Creative Mind of the Universe which  tends to balance and  cannot be received by an unbalanced mind with too many negative patterns.

An educated mind that reasons positively, that is used to change, to reflection and self-assessment, that looks for solutions, that can challenge itself, that can change its attitudes and use its will to turn into new realities and a new way of living the mental processes it has revised, that educated mind that enjoys learning constantly, is usually the happy recipient of that kind of information. And it is not chance, it is the result of personal work, original ideas must be deserved.

The study of dreams and projections and the subsequent reprogramming of negative patterns into positive ones, turn the uneducated mind into an educated mind that will be a much better recipient of those ideas that are typical of geniuses, original ideas coming from a source still to be “proved” by science, but that surely exists in some plane of conscience different from the physical one. Many scientists, including some Nobel Prizes, admit having received the answer to their research during a dream, or by means of an original idea that didn’t result from them, from their observations or from their direct reasoning. Our creative mind, made in the image of the Creative Mind of the Universe, tunes into it and receives its impulses only if it is clean of negative patterns, of fears and doubts, if it is in a relaxed, flowing and searching mode. That’s why it so important that each of us works on his/her own mind  balancing  it, it is our particular receiver of the Creative Mind of the whole  Universe.

B.P.: Thank you, Beatriz, I would like you to give us a few clues as to how to incubate a dream, that is to say, an answer or light from the unconscious for our readers … and I would also like to learn to work with my dreams, is there anywhere you give your courses, some website where I can learn about your work?

B.C.: Incubating is simple. As I said before, it is asking your mind before you go to sleep what you need to know for tomorrow, for a project, or to solve anything in your life, to reach some target. Questions attract answers, both from dreams and from signs. Always ask about something you want to improve, to solve. Look for solutions to problems and immediately create a new project, look for help to advance it and your creative mind will get going.  If you’re only looking for solutions you won’t stop creating problems. That’s why it is essential that you generate new and luminous projects and that you ask for help to carry them out and at the same time solve unresolved issues.

Visualize how you’ll remember a dream the next morning when you wake up, or how you’ll receive ideas during the day that will solve your problem. Try several times, at the beginning your creative mind may not respond because it is out of training, keep asking for an answer and when you receive it get it going, act accordingly in the real world. If you don’t move you won’t advance. It is a mistake to believe that only by working with your mind you will attract something in material life.  The mind conducts, the body should follow it and ACT.

Your task is to train your  mind to observe so it can receive the message and carry it out. Working on projections is too complex to talk about it in this interview, but I have  gone in depth into it in my book “La Clave está en tus Sueños” (“The Clue is your Dreams”) published by Edaf. Every pattern you work on increases the silence in your mind and your capacity as recipient.

I have interrupted my classes for the time being because I’m constructing a website where I will include my whole system, from the interpretation and reprogramming of patterns to the creation of new projects and aims.  The whole process. Meanwhile I am giving some clues, exercises and information about the opening in the near future of the website at my blog http://beatrizdelcastillo.wordpress.com/. At http://www.holistika.net/autotransformacioin.asp you will also find articles and interpretation of dreams that illustrate the process …

B.P.: It’s time to say good-bye now. Thank you very much, Beatriz, it has been a pleasure to talk to you … I hope we will soon have the opportunity to organize an  unforgettable Friday with you so that our readers may get to know you and your work better … before that I will read your book that I guess is full of information and interest.

Beatriz Fdez. del Castillo


Author of  “La clave está en tus sueños” Ed. Edaf


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